Images From The Season

At Madrona School, we mark the darkest time of the year with opportunities to remember and celebrate the light that shines within all of us. Enjoy this selection of recent images from the life of our school -- and Happy Solstice and holiday season!

Helle Heckmann Visits Madrona School

Join us for a special parent enrichment opportunity right here on Bainbridge Island! Helle Heckmann will speak at Madrona School on Saturday, November 14 at 10am. We'll meet in the Thimbleberry / Salmonberry classroom (lower archway just off the north parking lot) for a lecture entitled "The Five Golden Keys in Early Childhood."

Helle Heckmann is visiting us from Denmark where she founded the outdoor daycare and kindergarten, Nøkken. She brings over 30 years of experience working with young children and is a powerful, internationally-renowned voice for the protection of childhood. This talk will offer practical advice for parents, and an understanding of the young child's basic and most important needs. Helle Heckmann has been a mentor to many Waldorf teachers, and we are honored to welcome her to Madrona School!

All interested adults are most welcome!

Parent Enrichment with Susanna Reynolds

We are so pleased to welcome Susanna Reynolds back for her second of three workshops this school year. All interested adults are welcome to join us in the 3rd grade classroom on Thursday, November 5 at 6:30pm. Susanna's workshop, entitled, "Seeing our Children in the Dark and in the Light: Becoming More Comfortable With The Polarities of Growth With Your Unique Child(ren)."

Susanna will work with us in conversation and with art to explore the struggling steps and triumphs in grade school children's growing minds and bodies, even as we celebrate their colorful expression and feeling lifes. When we become more comfortable with the fluctuating steps that occur in growth, with can better weather constant change.

Susanna is the Director of Sound Circle Center’s Parenting Programs, and in private practice at Seattle Sensory and Structural Integration. We are always pleased to host her across the water!

Experience Waldorf!

Join us on Thursday, October 15 at 6:30pm for a chance to experience mini-lessons with some of our grade school teachers. We'll meet in our mixed-age kindergarten classroom, through the lower archway just off the north parking lot at the Eagle Harbor Congregational Church. Please park in the gravel portion only of the parking lot.

Specifically, we'll visit the 1st grade classroom to see how we approach teaching reading; we'll go to 3rd grade for a mini-Spanish lesson and hear about world language instruction in the grades; we'll visit 5th grade for a painting technique lesson; and, finally, sit down in 6th grade for a lesson in geometric construction. 

All interested adults are welcome at this glimpse into a Waldorf classroom, and a chance to see how some of our teachers deliver joyful and creative education to our 90+ grade school students each day.

Contact the office for additional information: 206-855-8041.