Our Application Process

1. Take a school tour or visit during an open house event. Fill out our inquiry form here to get started.


2. Submit a completed application, the application fee, and any student records (for grades applicants). Click here for application forms. We recognize that home-schooled students may have different types of records; please consider submission of your home-school curriculum, a recent assignment, any written assessments of student work, and ask an adult mentor to complete our teacher questionnaire.

Once the school has received all necessary materials, you will be contacted to discuss next steps in the admissions process. 

Possible Next Steps Include:

1. Family Interview: These interviews, with at least two teachers, provide a chance for parents to ask in-depth questions about Madrona School, and the Waldorf curriculum, and allow the teacher to meet your child and learn more about your family. It’s important to use this time to make sure Waldorf education is a good fit for your family and your child.

Please note:  Parent-Child applications are enrolled directly without an interview; Preschool and kindergarten teachers meet with parents and their child in the classroom during non-school hours; 1st grade applicant families will meet with both the 1st grade and kindergarten teachers if the child’s birth date falls within two months of the May 31st birth date cut-off; this will help ensure that the child is placed in the correct class.

Grades applicant families meet with two grades teachers, both with the child, and then without children present. During this time, children are given a tour of the school and play in the yard with an adult host. Madrona School’s program is designed to serve children of an average range of intelligence and ability. Children with greater-then-average needs at either end of the capability or behavioral spectrum may be admitted under special circumstances, to be determined on a case-by-case basis when there is a strong commitment by the parents to arrange and pay for extra support needed. Additional assessment may be requested as indicated by the child’s records and information gathered during the family interview. These assessments will be arranged and paid for by the parents at the request of the admissions staff. When requested, such assessments must be completed before the child’s visiting days can be scheduled.

2. Classroom visit and assessment: Grades applicants spend one to three days visiting the class in which they would be placed. At some point during the visit, your child will participate in a developmental and/or academic assessment. The cost is included in the application fee. These assessments provide valuable information to the teacher about learning styles, academic skill acquisition, and etc.

Admissions will be communicated in writing within two weeks of a classroom visit.


1. Paperwork: Enrollment paperwork will be sent by mail. The enrollment/materials fee is due immediately to secure your child’s place in the class; this fee is non-refundable and covers the materials that will be purchased on your child’s behalf.

2. You will be asked to enroll with Smart Tuition, unless paying in full. This third party service handles our monthly tuition payments, and allows for flexibility in how payments can be made. 

3. Before beginning school, families may meet with administrative staff to review paperwork and the contract, discuss school life and policies, volunteer opportunities and mutual expectations.

Madrona School accepts children for mid-year enrollments on a rolling basis, as space allows.

 Application Fee: A non-refundable application fee of $25.00 for parent-child applications, $50.00 for preschool, kindergarten, and $150.00 for grades 1-8 applications, is due when the application is submitted.