Financial Aid at Madrona School

Quick Financial Aid Facts

* 35% of our families receive some level of financial aid.
*We award over $400,000 in tuition grants each school year.
*Financial aid awards include grants of 10-85% of tuition due.


Our commitment: One of Madrona School's missions is to provide Waldorf education to families who want it for their children, regardless of their ability to pay full tuition. Each year about a third of our families receive some level of financial aid. We value economic diversity, and the contributions that each family brings to the school community. We will work with you to find a way for currently enrolled children to remain at Madrona School through their grade school years.

The program: Madrona School offers financial aid to qualifying families with children in grades 1 through 8, and to a limited number of preschool and kindergarten families. To ensure that no child will be forced to leave for reasons of financial hardship once they have committed to the grades program, we offer a three-year financial aid package with an annual re-calculation. 

Madrona School respectfully requests that families fully tap their own financial resources and seek help from extended family members (parents, grandparents, godparents) before seeking financial aid. In order to preserve Madrona School's financial health and resilience, families must make tuition one of their first priorities. Every year, some Madrona families make careful budgeting decisions and sacrifices in order to afford full tuition. There is no endowment to fund financial aid. All families, including those receiving financial aid, are expected to contribute to our annual Community Fund.

The process: Madrona School uses the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) to conduct an independent preliminary assessment of each family's fiscal strength. The SSS formula takes into account many factors including the number of children in private school, the ages of the parents (years to retirement), savings and other assets, debt and exceptional medical expenses.

To apply for financial aid, parents must submit an application and the prior year tax returns via SSS by February 15th (or with your application for new families) online at Madrona School's code is 3535. Question 25 on the SSS form -- how much can be contributed toward tuition -- is of particular importance. The strength of Madrona School rests in each member of the parent body paying as much toward tuition as possible. Once the report from SSS has been received, parents may meet with Madrona's head of school to finalize financial aid awards for the year. In some cases, a meeting will not be necessary. Tuition contracts must be signed and returned to the office with applicable enrollment fees no later than two weeks after receipt, to guarantee the financial aid package.

Restrictions: Madrona School's minimum tuition is $183 per month per child over 12 months ($2,200.00 annually). In addition, enrollment and activity fees must be paid in full and cannot be reduced through financial aid. Families receiving financial aid are not eligible for other reductions such as early payment or sibling discounts. Financial aid is not available for students in the parent-infant or parent-child program. When awarding financial aid for preschool and kindergarten students, we will consider the families' desire for and commitment to Waldorf education into grade school. A family that fails to meet any deadlines for filing applications or returning contracts might be denied financial aid. A family's failure to keep current with tuition payments and other school invoices can also jeopardize eligibility for future financial aid awards. Please contact Missi Goss, Head of School, at 206-855-8041 with further questions.

The financial aid application deadline is February 15th for current school families.
Failure to meet the deadline may jeopardize your eligibility for financial aid.

All conversations and information regarding personal finances are kept strictly confidential.