we are proud of our alumni!

Saying goodbye to the class of 2017 on the last day of school, at all-school games.

Saying goodbye to the class of 2017 on the last day of school, at all-school games.

In operation since 1999, Madrona School has graduated eight 8th grade classes, with the next eighth class slated to graduate in June of 2020. Our alumni are the best representatives of the success of a Waldorf education!

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What do Bainbridge High School, Eagle Harbor High School, Seattle Waldorf High School, Westsound Academy, Bates College, Fairhaven College, Lewis and Clark College, Mt Holyoke, Sarah Lawrence, Smith College, University of Portland, University of Washington, Western Washington University and Whitman College all have in common?

They are just some of the high schools and colleges our alumni have gone on to with a Madrona School Waldorf education. Our graduates take their love of learning and a strong sense of self from Madrona School, and we find them prepared for their next step. We love hearing about their journeys as they grow through high school, college and beyond!

Many of you responded to our alumni-organized survey sent out in 2018, and we are grateful. Here are some highlights of what you had to say:

Madrona nurtured my being and let it grow in a natural way and encouraged things I still hold closest to this day. What comes to mind is the movement-based activities and hand/eye coordination. --Charlie, class of 2005

Many of the skills I learned at Madrona I still apply in my work today. While the benefits of teaching children handwork skills are important in the cognitive development of children, the skills themselves have proven to make me a much more qualified job candidate than I would otherwise be. --Sara, class of 2005

[Madrona] gave me a perspective on the world that no other education could. It taught me compassion, forgiveness, ambition, self-confidence and creativity that I find important to every day of my life. More than anything it gave me a sense of truth and accountability. I always knew what was right, because I was taught to listen to my heart. -- Tonada, class of 2005

Students at Madrona are able to create long lasting relationships with their peers and teachers. The small student to teacher ratio gives the students the attention they need and the teachers are able to focus on what the students need for their personal growth and push them to grow in a safe environment. -- Arielle, class of 2008

Madrona has an environment that really allows children to be children -- in a good way....The sheer amount of different skills and activities we were exposed to made me feel a lot more capable of trying new things as an adult. I don't feel like many things are off-limits or too far out of my comfort zone.... It was also a gift to keep music (singing, violin, guitar) and art in the realm of things I did on a regular basis while at Madrona. ...there's a nice earthy wholesomeness about [Madrona] that follows you after you leave, though understanding its value may not happen until adulthood. -- Laura, class of 2008

My work in environmental education and outdoor-based learning has shown me how important early nature experiences are in developing curiosity and love for the natural world in students. I loved the beach exploration days and the field trips that mirrored our science curriculum each year. --Lena, class of 2008

The community I had at Madrona is one that will always be close to my heart. Some of my best friends to this day are people who I went to kindergarten with.... The learning environment at Madrona was so unique and enriching. Instead of memorizing facts, we learned through stories, art and hands on activities. I can still recall many of the main lesson blocks because of the various engaging ways my teacher would teach the subject. -- Karin, class of 2011

School is a place for learning, but learning is not always academic.... Madrona teaches in more ways than in the classroom, it is a school that supports children expanding their minds and growing into people who are part of, and serve the community.... Teachers become mentors and then friends, as students explroe the world beyond Madrona, they will never forget the person who guided them through their years at the place that made them what they are today. Madrona is more than just a school, it is a family. -- Mira, class of 2011

Madrona taught me to form trusting, warm and meaningful relationships with teachers and peers through the small class sizes and numerous opportunities for individual attention....Madrona gave me the the time and support I needed to grow my identity and dream big. As a young student, I felt encouraged to explore the magic of childhood and play through a still structured and knowledge-rich environment. As a middle schooler, there were countless opportunities for personal development through acting, singing, writing, playing an instrument, composing poetry, etc. I would not have the personal or academic maturity and confidence that I have today without the powerful experience I had at Madrona.--Savannah, class of 2011

At Madrona kids learn in a very different style than traditional school. A style that may not seem like rigorous academics, however the teaching and learning style is such that underneath all the fun activities and stories students learn how to learn, think independently and be resourceful. These are values that help someone succeed much better than simply memorizing facts. -- Lydia, class of 2014