My child’s teacher is ALWAYS prepared. Every week, everyday. She is amazing. — from a parent of a rising 6th grader

Meet our Faculty and Staff

Our faculty consists of loving, creative and committed teachers who welcome each child into a world of lifelong learning. And our office staff brings a wide variety of professional experience to administer our school's programs and support our families, children and employees.

Waldorf education enables young people to be in love with the world as the world should be loved. --Marjorie Spock, author of Teaching as a Lively Art

Early Childhood Faculty, 2018-2019

Joleen Hollow-Bist, Buttercup Parent-Child and Parent-Infant Teacher
Isaac Kemsley, Salmonberry Mixed-Age Kindergarten Teacher
Mary Knighton, Thimbleberry Kindergarten Teacher
Susie Lockard, Huckleberry Preschool and Marigold Parent-Child Teacher

Sonia Bhandarkar, Preschool Assistant
Elise Goodham, Preschool Assistant
Sherry Gutierrez, Kindergarten Assistant
Jordan Lockard, Kindergarten Assistant
Dylan Nottage, Kindergarten Assistant
Jamie Villella, Kindergarten Assistant
Terace Yeatts, Kindergarten Assistant

Grade School Faculty, 2018-2019

Karen Hartz, 1st Grade Teacher
Christiane Stanley, 2nd Grade Teacher
Jocelyn Waite, 3rd Grade Teacher
Melisa Hall, 4th Grade Teacher
Catherine Roldan, 5th Grade Teacher
Amy Pfeffer, 6th Grade Teacher
Lori Levari, 7th Grade Teacher
Kim Vennerholm, 8th Grade Teacher

Dana Ashton, 6th Grade Painting Teacher
Beth Dahl, Handwork Teacher
Mabí Fernandes, Spanish Teacher (5th - 8th Grades)
Elise Goodham, Handwork Assistant
Ann-Marie Hahn, Swedish Teacher
Justine Jeanotte, Strings Teacher
Mercedes Morales, Spanish Teacher (1st - 4th Grades) 
Greg Nottage, Middle School Choir
Siouxsie Tietje, 7th and 8th Grade Math Teacher
Piper Tupper, 8th Grade Handwork Teacher
Jamie Villella, Games Teacher
Heidi Urish, Games Teacher

Administrative Staff

Mackall Allen, Office Manager
Jennifer Evans, Admissions and Communications Director
Missi Goss, Head of School
Danielle Gordon, Volunteer Coordinator and Event Planner
Deborah Newlen, Assistant Head of School
Greg Nottage, Program Support Advisor
Karla Smith, Business Manager