Experience Waldorf!

Join us on Thursday, October 15 at 6:30pm for a chance to experience mini-lessons with some of our grade school teachers. We'll meet in our mixed-age kindergarten classroom, through the lower archway just off the north parking lot at the Eagle Harbor Congregational Church. Please park in the gravel portion only of the parking lot.

Specifically, we'll visit the 1st grade classroom to see how we approach teaching reading; we'll go to 3rd grade for a mini-Spanish lesson and hear about world language instruction in the grades; we'll visit 5th grade for a painting technique lesson; and, finally, sit down in 6th grade for a lesson in geometric construction. 

All interested adults are welcome at this glimpse into a Waldorf classroom, and a chance to see how some of our teachers deliver joyful and creative education to our 90+ grade school students each day.

Contact the office for additional information: 206-855-8041.