Madrona School Alphabet (J)

In our alphabet-based exploration on what makes a Madrona School education unique, 'J' is for joyful learning --the evidence we see in our students and for the joyful intention brought by our teachers.  Of course we all have our days, but notice how the children come through the school gate the next time you drop off. Many of them positively fly into the play yard, shouting a cheerful greeting to our head of school and running off to find friends. On one recent morning, the unique joy of each class was evident -- a peek into the second grade showed the students all at their desks, writing practice books open, listening attentively. In the third grade, they were busy composing themselves, putting lunches away, blowing noses, asking questions about the day's schedule with great excitement, yet assembling quickly when asked to do so. And in the fifth grade, they were standing tall, reciting their morning verse, looking like the seasoned students they've become. Notice these unique class personalities at our next school assembly, where it is abundantly evident that our students are eager to share, taking pride in their classes and their work. A joyful learning environment leads to a lifelong love of learning, and enhances our innate curiosity about the world.

--edited from our Tuesday Newsday, October 15, 2013