Madrona School Alphabet (E)

As we continue to celebrate what makes a Madrona School education unique through the alphabet, we have reached the letter 'E' ... and Eurythmy!

We just wrapped up a six-week block with visiting eurythmist, Audun Smit. Mr. Smit offered classes to our kindergartens and our grade school, as well as weekly opportunities for adults and at the opening of our faculty meetings. It was a true gift to our community!

Eurthymy is an art form from Rudolf Steiner based on movement, and making music and tone visible through that movement. Beautiful to watch and to do, it has elements of dance, sculpture and creative expression. Here at Madrona School, we offer eurythmy in blocks as we are able, providing some exposure for our students to this essential aspect of the Waldorf curriculum.

Movement in all its forms is so essential to learning, and Waldorf education emphasizes it throughout the curriculum. When we move, we learn -- coordination, problem solving, working effectively with others, etc. In our early childhood programs, children practice integration of movement, both gross and fine motor, in order to prepare themselves for their academic journeys ahead. And in grade school, movement continues to be critical for a greater integration of academic material, as well as practice for those all important social skills.  

And eurythmy is movement like nothing else we offer, with live piano accompaniment and uplifting verse. Truly a gift for each child, even as they work on spatial awareness and social integration, expressing themselves from the inside out. 

-- edited in part from the school newsletter, November 19, 2013