Madrona School Alphabet (D)

What makes a Madrona School education unique and special?
During the 2013-2014 school year, we celebrated what a Waldorf education offers both our children and our community as we strive to graduate creative and eager lifelong learners. Using the alphabet gave us 26 aspects to celebrate! 

D is for Drama! We enjoy good drama (of a certain kind!) at Madrona School. In our early childhood programs, we nurture imaginative play acting each and every day. And, each grade school class puts on a play every year.  From the simplest beginnings in 1st grade, to full blown productions in 7th and 8th, our students learn to be comfortable performing on a stage. They memorize lines, work together on sets and staging, speak clearly and with passion, sing and make music. Drama enhances literacy, creativity, self-confidence, flexibility -- and it's fun!

-- edited from our school newsletter on October 1, 2013