Join Madrona School teachers for summer day camp experiences full of exploration, creativity, adventure and joy!


Woodland and Seashore Adventure Camp
Venture into the woods and explore some of the lowest tides of the year while learning wilderness skills, collecting treasures, picking berries, and doing nature crafts and cooking. The camp meets at a different Bainbridge Island park each day. Director: Isaac Kemsley.

Suitable for ages 4-10.

9:30am - 1:30pm. $250. Sibling discount 10%. Limit 12.

Camp Session I: June 17-June 21, 2019 — FULL. Please email with the subject line “Woodland Camp Session I wait list” to be in line for openings.
Camp Session II: June 24-June 28, 2019 — FULL. Please email with the subject line “Woodland Camp Session II wait list” to be in line for openings.

Doll Camp
Back for the 6th year in a row! Come to Lowery Farm with your favorite doll for fun-filled days of doll activities including games, singing, sewing, baking, arts and crafts, and a special tea. Director: Mary Knighton.

Suitable for ages 4-10.

9:30am - 1:30pm. $150. Sibling discount 10%. Limit 12.

Camp Session: July 1-3, 2019

Little House on the Prairie Camp
Come to Lowery Farm and immerse into pioneer life. Each day will be filled with cooking, baking, sewing, gardening, chicken tending, old fashioned crafts, woodworking, games, stories, and even a pioneer school lesson. Director, Session I: Mary Knighton. Directors, Session II: Mary Knighton and Catherine Roldan.

Suitable for ages 4-10.

9:30am - 1:30pm. $250. Sibling discount 10%. Limit 16.

Camp Session I: July 8-July 12, 2019
Camp Session II: August 5-9, 2019



Wildcraft Craft Camp
Forage Lowery Farm and the surrounding forests and create crafts from nature’s gifts. Explorations include paper making, pottery, herbal body products, candles, printmaking and weaving. Nature inspired games, as well as time to stare at the clouds, will round out these summer days. Director: Kim Vennerholm.

Suitable for ages 6-12.

Camp Session: July 15-19, 2019
10:00am - 3:00pm. $325. Sibling discount 10%. Limit 16.


Fairy Gnome Camp
Tromp through the underbrush at Lowery Farm in search of the mischievous and magical folk that dwell beneath petal and root. Build fairy houses and gnome grottos. Stories, crafts, songs and dramatic play are all a part of the magic. Director: Kim Vennerholm.

Suitable for ages 4-10.

Camp Session: July 22-26, 2019
9:30am - 1:30pm. $250. Sibling discount 10%. Limit 12.

¡Español! ¡Español! ¡Español!
Come and join us for a fun Spanish summer camp at the farm!  Get immersed into the Spanish culture through games, music, crafts, cooking and storytelling from Latin America. Directors: Mabí Fernandes and Mercedes Morales

Suitable for ages 4-10.

Camp Session: July 29-August 2, 2019
9:30am-1:30pm. $250. Sibling discount 10%. Limit 12.


The Hero’s Guild
Calling all heroes to delve into dungeons filled with dragons! This camp will immerse campers into role-playing with high fantasy elements. Come to Lowery Farm for potion making, cartography, crafting, improv activities, mythological stories and art. Directors: Catherine Roldan and Alex Peterson.

Suitable for ages 10-14.

Camp Session: August 12-16, 2019
9:30am - 2:30pm. $315. Sibling discount 10%. Limit 16.

Registration is in TWO parts: Click on the register button to sign up and pay your camp fees. An email confirmation will show your spot is secure. Then return to this page and click on our camper information form to provide emergency contact information about your camper. Thank you!

Mabí Fernandes, a native of Peru, teaches Spanish at Madrona School for 5th - 8th grades. She enjoys sharing her native culture and language with children!

Isaac Kemsley grew up out of doors in the great Northwest. He has been teaching kindergarten at Madrona School for the past 13 years. Despite growing up in the region, he’s still surprised daily at the natural beauty that our little island has to offer.

Mary Knighton has been teaching early childhood classes at Madrona School since it began in 1999, and she has taught at the Madrona summer camps the last several summers. She was born on Bainbridge Island and spent her summers running freely through the woods and on the beach. She loves bringing crafts and outdoor experiences to children and giving them the opportunity for relaxed, old-fashioned fun.

Mercedes Morales is a native of Venezuela and teaches Spanish to Madrona School’s 1st-4th graders. She loves bringing music and games from her own childhood to enliven her lessons.

Alex Peterson is a life-long lover of fantasy and storytelling. He is currently attending Sound Circle Institute in Seattle for Waldorf teacher training and has experience teaching children of all ages. He completed his student teaching at Madrona School this year.

Catherine Roldan has been teaching at Madrona School for the past five years. Before her time at the school, she spent most of her summers teaching at summer camps in New York. She is an avid lover of storytelling and acting.

Kim Vennerholm has taught grades first through eighth at Madrona School and is graduating her second class this spring. Kim’s work combines her background in the arts with her enthusiasm for the outdoors and passion for the wonders of nature.